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CLOTHING SIZING CHART The size of any individual person depends on his or her physical structure. To give you an appropriate reference for BBB size indication we refer to the European sizing chart. BBB jerseys are designed to fit both competitive as recreational riders perfectly. Use measurements I & II for jersey’s and jacket’s. They correspond to the measurement of your chest circumference. Use measurements III & IV for shorts, bib-shorts, tights, bib-tights. They correspond to the measurement of your waist circumference for men and hips circumference for women).

GLOVES SIZING CHART Just like a jersey, the size of your glove depends on your physical structure. To give you an appropriate reference for BBB gloves size indication we made a glove sizing chart. To determine your glove size you can measure the length and diameter of your hand as illustrated below and by using the corresponding explanation: A) Measure from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm at the wrist to determine the length of your hand. This is your hand length measurement B) Wrap the tape measure around your hand at the widest part of the palm and make a fist before taking the measurement. This is your hand width measurement. Use these measurements of your hand to determine your glove size in the gloves sizing chart. Remember the BBB gloves size chart is a reference, based on the average BBB glove. Since we offer a wide range of gloves in different styles and materials, you should always try the gloves at your local BBB Cycling dealer. Then we can ensure the best fit and comfort.

Size charts are intended to be guidelines only. Fit may be dependent on your personal preference, body type and structure.


The jerseys in the Santini collection feature 3 different fits. We suggest you to select carefully your size according to the type of fit the garment features. For jerseys with SLEEK FIT we recommend choosing one size larger if you don’t want a very tight fit, since they are designed with an extremely aerodynamic cut.


Skintight fit and elongated in the back. Developed with riding position in mind to maximize aerodynamic properties.


Form tting jersey. Remains close to the body minimizing wind resistance in the saddle. The jerseys of our ELITE range feature this FIT.


Regular tting jersey. Soft on the body for those that prefer a more classic t. The jerseys of our EVERY DAY COMFORT range feature this FIT.