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This is a story of true collaboration within the cycling industry.

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About Bosch eBike systems

Germany-based Bosch is a globally recognised market leader in technology and service supply. In 2009, the company launched a separate entity to cater for the growing eBike movement, Bosch eBike Systems. Although initially, the company focused on delivering precision eBike drivetrains, it soon launched its own range of electric bikes.

Since 2019, BikeSportz has represented and distributed Bosch batteries, chargers and onboard computers in Australia. Over that time, we’ve developed a solid and rewarding working relationship. However, it was in late 2019 when the relationship went up several notches. Here’s how:

Bosch launches eBike Service Centre from BikeSportz

More than 100 of the world’s best names in cycling rely on Bosch eBike products. The company’s reputation for the highest quality technology research, development and innovation is without question. However, even the best requires occasional servicing and maintenance!

When Bosch realised the growing demand for an Australian-based eBike Service Centre, they came to BikeSportz. Given we were already the go-to contact for any Bosch-related dealer enquiry, it made sense to establish this initiative under our roof.

In doing so, Bosch could rely on our full support during their early service establishment. Utilising our exceptional network and existing warehouse infrastructure meant Bosch could scale at speed. They also benefit from BikeSportz’s B2B and B2C direct phone lines, emails, Live Chat, in-person store visits and our technological offering (e.g., establishing the Bosch eBike portal)

The outcome has been an overwhelming success.

Bosch launches eBike Service Centre from BikeSportz

Bosch eBike Service Centre supporting local bike shops

Establishing this bike service centre within BikeSportz’s physical facilities has had a remarkable effect on the local wholesale market.

  • Every bike brand using Bosch products can now rely on a locally-based best-practice service centre responsible for training accredited teams nationwide. This means no returning items offshore, lengthy delays, communication problems, customer frustration, etc. Everything’s streamlined and simple.
  • Manufacturer-trained and certified service centre mechanics.
  • Seminar area also available for industry training, demonstration and presentations.
  • On-the-spot, fully certified component testing.
  • Fast troubleshooting and expert advice.
  • Dedicated B2B and B2C omnichannel support contact streams.
  • Marketing reports and insights.
  • Full-time workshop and testing zone.

  • It’s all part of BikeSportz’ ongoing commitment to providing a holistic, streamlined, efficient and successful ecosystem for our brands, dealers and their customers.

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