Science in Sport® is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative sports supplements and nutrition products for use by professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. SiS® was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in London. Their manufacturing facility is in Nelson, Lancashire, and all nutrition products are thoroughly tested & certified through the Informed-Sport programme.

Since 2016, BikeSportz has proudly distributed Science in Sport across Australia, offering an array of premium sports nutrition products for various athletic disciplines. Our partnership with prestigious organisations like AusCycling, Essendon Football Club, and Tennis Australia, underscores our commitment to supporting athletes in cycling, football, tennis, and many other sports with top-tier nutrition. By becoming a Science in Sport stockiest with BikeSportz, your business will gain access to competitive wholesale prices, extensive marketing support, and personalised account managers, setting you up as a key player in fostering athletic excellence and health within your community.

Becoming a Science in Sport Dealer today and tap into the power of sports nutrition.

Frequently asked Science in Sport Questions

What is Science in Sport (SiS)?

Science in Sport (SiS) is a renowned sports nutrition company that specialises in creating high-quality supplements and nutrition products. These products are designed to support the performance and recovery of athletes and sports enthusiasts at all levels.

What types of products does SiS offer?

SiS offers a wide range of sports nutrition products, including energy gels, hydration tablets, protein powders, and recovery supplements. Each product is scientifically formulated to provide targeted nutritional support for athletes.

How can I trust the quality of SiS products?

All SiS products undergo rigors testing and are certified through the Informed-Sport programme. This ensures they meet strict safety and quality standards and are free from banned substances.

How can I become a SiS dealer through BikeSportz?

To become a SiS dealer, you need to apply through the BikeSportz application form. By filling out a dealer application form, we will check to ensure you meet our stockist criteria and be in touch to let you know if you’ve been successful.

What are the benefits of becoming a SiS dealer?

As a SiS dealer, you'll gain access to a premium range of sports nutrition products, competitive wholesale pricing, marketing support, and dedicated customer service. This partnership allows you to offer high-quality nutrition solutions to your customers and grow your business.

Are there any specific requirements to become a SiS dealer?

Yes, BikeSportz typically requires that potential dealers have an established retail or online presence and share a commitment to providing quality sports nutrition products. Detailed requirements can be obtained during the application process.

How do I place orders for SiS products as a dealer?

Once approved as a dealer, you can place orders directly through the BikeSportz B2B portal and have products shipped to your store or warehouse anywhere in Australia. This streamlined process allows for efficient order management and restocking.

Can I receive training or promotional materials as a SiS dealer?

Yes, BikeSportz provides product training and promotional materials to help dealers effectively market and sell SiS products. This support ensures that dealers are well-equipped to educate their customers on the benefits of SiS nutrition.

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