We’re always keen to hear from great people who want to join our team. If you’re looking to progress a career in the world of cycling or retail distribution, discover more about us below and get in touch. Importantly, you don’t have to be obsessed with cycling to be a welcome and valued team member. It is certainly recommended in some roles, but for many positions, it’s all about finding the right fit in terms of values, goals and direction. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we have been officially declared a Great Place To Work!

Our business areas

BikeSportz is comprised of the following business areas:









Our values

We share many key values across the business.

  • Sustainability motivates us all. Whether it’s significant business decisions such as only using warehouse e-vehicles to separating our waste for recycling in the office, our efforts are sincere.
  • Innovation drives the cycling industry. We look beyond our comfort borders to constantly trial new processes, technology and ideas that help make us more efficient and grow the business.
  • We respect every team member as an individual who learns and progresses in a way that is unique to them. However, equally, we can collaborate and achieve brilliance as a team.
  • Our open office door policy fosters support and connections.
  • We’re not afraid of hard work. On the contrary, we openly and regularly reward effort and achievement.
  • Trust is paramount. We empower every member to make decisions, take the initiative and work flexibly. Trusting each member to do right by the business and one another creates a safe and mutually-rewarding work environment.
  • Our values
    What makes our team awesome

    What makes our team awesome

    We don’t want to beat our chests, but….! This is a genuinely fun, vibrant atmosphere full of people from all backgrounds, ages and interests. We work hard, but that’s because we want to achieve great things for our customers and our business. So if you’re on our team, prepare to be professionally stretched in a positive way! We might not always have all the answers, and that’s fine. But you’ll be expected to take the initiative to help us find them, which is always rewarding.

    This is such a dynamic industry, and depending on your role, you’ll be exposed to many goings-on. From sponsorships, events and trade shows to partner hospitality and professional career development opportunities - dive right in and be a part of it!

    Anticipate great perks like a free Friday afternoon every month of summer - get out there and enjoy your extended weekend! Meet us once a month for yoga, pilates or some other form of elective group activity. Get involved in end-of-week drinks, regular team lunches, and occasional nights out. We enjoy each other’s company, and you’re welcome to be a part of this positive social scene.

    Get in touch

    If you like what you read and think we’re the workplace for you, contact us. We want to connect even if we don’t have a position immediately available. You just never know what’s around the corner!

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