Cycling Nutrition


Cycling Nutrition at BikeSportz

Proper nutrition is pivotal for cyclists to boost energy, enhance endurance, and accelerate recovery. Follow our top tips to help you through your next ride:

Pre-Ride: Consume complex carbohydrates (like whole grains) 2-3 hours before fueling your ride.

During Ride: Stay hydrated and maintain energy with small, frequent intakes of carbs through energy bars or gels.

Post-Ride: Within 30 minutes, ingest proteins and carbs to repair muscles and replenish energy stores.

Key Products from our nutrition brands:

  • Energy Gels/Bars: Quick energy sources, ideal for mid-ride sustenance.
  • Hydration Solutions: Electrolyte-rich powders/tablets to prevent dehydration.
  • Recovery Aids: Products designed for post-ride recovery, supporting muscle repair.

    Top FAQ’s from cyclists

    What cycling nutrition products are available in Australia?

    At BikeSportz, we offer a comprehensive range of cycling nutrition products, including energy bars, gels, and supplements from top brands, ensuring Australian cyclists access the best in global cycling nutrition.

    Which brands offer the best cycling nutrition in Australia?

    We stock an array of respected nutrition brands, offering products developed with science to meet the specific energy and recovery needs of cyclists at all levels.

    Why should I use energy gel for cycling?

    Energy gels offer a quick and efficient energy boost, making them ideal for intense rides or when you need rapid energy replenishment, ensuring you can power through your cycling sessions.

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