Unveiling the Alpinestars 2024 Clothing Collection: What's New for Cyclists

Unveiling the Alpinestars 2024 Clothing Collection: What's New for Cyclists

Alpinestars has long been synonymous with high-quality, performance-driven apparel, and their 2024 clothing collection promises to push the boundaries even further for cyclists. This season, we’re excited to highlight three standout jerseys from the collection: the A-ARIA Switch, A-DURA Rocker, and A-SUPRA Race. Each offers unique features designed to enhance your riding experience, whether you’re hitting mountain trails or gearing up for a race.

ARIA Switch Short Sleeve Jersey: Engineered for the Heat

The A-ARIA Switch Jersey is perfect for riders who face warm climates and demand the utmost breathability and comfort. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  • Lightweight Fabric: Made from breathable polyester, this jersey allows for excellent moisture management and ventilation.

  • Sun Protection: With UPF 40+ certification, it provides significant protection against harmful UV rays.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Features like a bonded collar and hem, along with a longer drop tail, ensure a comfortable fit that stays in place throughout your ride.

    Available in black and fluro red, this jersey is designed for both men and women, embracing a performance fit that’s as suitable on a competitive trail as it is on a casual ride.

    DURA Rocker Long Sleeve Jersey: Casual Meets Performance

    For those who prefer a more relaxed style without sacrificing performance, the A-DURA Rocker is your go-to gear:

  • Moisture Management: The blend of polyester and spandex ensures quick drying and exceptional flexibility.

  • Antibacterial Treatment: Keeps the jersey fresh and odour-free even after long rides.

  • Regular Fit: Offers a comfortable fit without being overly tight, ideal for those long, explorative rides.

    The dark grey and gold colours add a touch of style, making it not just a performance piece but also a fashion statement on the trails.

    SUPRA Race Long Sleeve Jersey: Race Ready

    The A-SUPRA Race Jersey is crafted for those who take their racing seriously and require nothing but the best in terms of flexibility and breathability:

  • Premium Fabrics: A mix of micro-perforated polyester and Carvico fabric inserts for top-tier ventilation and movement.

  • Tailored Fit: Designed to move with your body, offering a performance fit that doesn’t restrict speed or movement.

  • Racing Style: Stand out with distinctive graphics that scream speed and agility.

    This jersey is ideal for racers looking to optimise their performance with gear that can keep up with high speeds and dynamic movements.

    FAQs about the Alpinestars 2024 Clothing Collection

    What sizes are available for these jerseys?

    All jerseys in the collection are available in sizes S through 2XL, catering to a wide range of body types.

    Are these jerseys suitable for both competitive and casual riders?

    Absolutely! While the A-SUPRA is specifically designed for racing, the A-ARIA and A-DURA are versatile enough for both competitive and casual settings.

    Can these jerseys be worn in all seasons?

    The A-ARIA is perfect for warmer climates, while the A-DURA and A-SUPRA, with their long sleeves, offer more coverage and are ideal for cooler conditions or sun protection.

    Where can I purchase the Alpinestars 2024 jerseys?

    These jerseys are available in-store. Check your local bike shop for availability or visit major cycling retail websites to find your size and colours preference.

    The Alpinestars 2024 Clothing Collection sets a new standard for cycling apparel, combining style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re gearing up for a mountain trail adventure or preparing for your next race, Alpinestars offers the perfect jersey to enhance your cycling experience. Ready to upgrade your cycling wardrobe with Alpinestars? Visit BikeChain to explore the collection online, find a local store using our bike store locator, or sign up to become a dealer today!