Reynolds Launches New Disc Road Wheels

Reynolds Launches New Disc Road Wheels

Optimising for Better Aerodynamics

We are proud to announce the launch of Reynold’s all new Road Disc Wheels! Class leading and forward-thinking aerodynamic designs for better cycling experience on the road.

Introducing New Reynolds Road Disc Wheels

Reynolds 46mm Range

“The Everywhere Wheel Made for Only One Destination: The Podium”

The 46mm offering is a mid-depth profile that is extremely versatile yet best in class in terms of aerodynamics.

Designed to be sleek and lightning fast on the flats yet amazingly lightweight and nimble for efficiency on even the steepest gradient.

The proprietary CR6 laminate design and enhanced resin system makes for the absolute lightest, no compromise wheelset that can perform up to the lofty Reynolds performance, efficiency and durability standards.

This new 46mm range is the embodiment of the one wheel to do it all, without compromise.