Fed up with life behind a computer screen and the monotony of a 9 to 5 grind, in 2015 Jack Thompson decided to pursue his leave his home town of Perth to pursue his passion for ultra-distance cycling and exploring the world on two wheels.

Fast forward three years and he is now considered by media outlets around the world (including Australia’s 7 News) as ‘The Most Extreme Cyclist on Earth.’

Having battled obsessive compulsive personality disorder and depression since his teenage years, Jack is able to harness what most would deem an obstacle and focus what was once negative energy to help create positive results for both himself and those around him.

These days Jack undertakes extreme adventures on his bike in remote destinations worldwide and is engaged by local tourism boards in different countries to help promote cycling and cycle tourism. So far Jack’s adventures have taken him to such far-flung locations as Bhutan, Italy, and Taiwan, with future adventures planned for Belgium, Thailand, France, and Spain among other places. When he’s not out completing his own adventures, Jack is busy planning adventures for his growing list of international clients.

Given the globe-trotting nature of Jack’s travels, it’s natural that he’s partnered with Bikesportz to help him achieve his lofty goals, and given Bikesportz’s passion for cycling, it wasn’t long into the conversation with Jack before we realised we were seeing things eye to eye.

Any rider who travels as often as Jack does needs to be able to transport their bike safely, so we’ve partnered with him to provide Scicon travel bags to ensure his pride and joy makes it to the baggage pickup in one piece, from Heathrow to Changi to Abu Dhabi and everywhere in between.

Once Jack is ready to ride, we support him head to toe in order to ensure he can ride in comfort and style – BBB helmets and sunglasses, Santini clothing, and Northwave shoes. By the time he’s out on the road, his navigational needs are taken care of by Xplova GPS units, his shifting by Campagnolo gearing, while his Reynolds carbon wheels spin smoothly underneath him.

Once the ride is over and he’s ready to unclip his Northwave shoes from his Time pedals, he’s able to keep things running smoothly thanks to Morgan Blue cleaning products. We support Jack from head to toe, because we can see a passionate cyclist who wants to bring the joy of the sport to more people. We hope we can provide a similar level of satisfaction to you whenever you shop with Bikesportz.

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