Partnership Announcement: BikeSportz & The Amy Gillett Foundation

August 31, 2023
Partnership Announcement: BikeSportz & The Amy Gillett Foundation

BikeSportz Imports Announces Strategic Partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation

BikeSportz Imports, a leading name in the Australian cycling industry, is proud to announce its landmark partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF). This collaboration is set to usher in a new era of cycling safety, community engagement, and innovation. The partnership encompasses several of BikeSportz's renowned brands, including Santini, Science in Sport, BBB Cycling and the dynamic BikeChain platform.

Shannon Cramer, General Manager of BikeSportz, shared his vision for the partnership, stating, "Cycling is more than just a sport or a hobby; it's a way of life. Our collaboration with AGF, a beacon of cycling safety and advocacy, aligns seamlessly with our mission to enhance the cycling experience for Australians. We are excited to combine our industry expertise with AGF's impactful initiatives, driving forward a shared vision for a safer and more inclusive cycling community."

This partnership signifies BikeSportz's commitment to not only providing top-tier cycling products but also to fostering a safer and more vibrant cycling environment in Australia. Through joint events, campaigns, and initiatives, BikeSportz and AGF aim to elevate the standards of cycling safety, promote community engagement, and celebrate the joys of the sport.

With the combined strengths of AGF's advocacy and BikeSportz's extensive portfolio of premium brands, the Australian cycling community is poised for a future filled with innovation, safety, and unparalleled support.

For more details on this partnership and upcoming collaborative efforts, please visit the BikeSportz and Amy Gillett Foundation websites.