BBB Triguard Winter Jacket Review

May 14, 2019
BBB Triguard Winter Jacket Review

The group pulls up outside the café, our breath creating visible clouds of fog in the crisp morning air. It might only be 8am, but we’ve been riding for a couple of hours - just enough time to justify a café stop - and the winter chill means that finding somewhere with a table indoors is a priority. We hurry inside and order the usual coffees and cakes, and talk quickly turns to the wind chill on the last descent. As the group banters about various body parts freezing off, I sheepishly look at the floor.

I’m wearing the new BBB Triguard Winter Jacket, and it almost feels like cheating.


BBB’s new winter jacket is claimed by the Dutch company to fit like a jersey, while protecting the rider like a jacket. A bold claim to be sure – but how does it hold up?

Does it fit like a jersey?

Slip on the Triguard and the lack of bulk becomes immediately apparent. Although it comes equipped with three full-sized rear pockets and a zipped pocket at the rear for valuables (as one would expect of an outer layer), it’s scarcely any heavier than a standard long sleeved jersey – you could just about fit it in a rear pocket if you felt so inclined.


Like most jerseys, there’s an elasticated gripper at the waist to help keep the Triguard in place while riding, and there are small reflective touches on the front and rear of the jacket as well - always a handy thing to have on any item of cycling clothing likely to be worn in bad weather. The wrist bands are a little longer than usual in order to best synergise with winter gloves. I have to say that this passes the main test for a jersey rather than a jacket – I feel no need to wear anything besides a base layer underneath.

Does it protect like a jacket?

The whole exterior of the jacket is made of what BBB calls TriLite, a windproof and waterproof fabric with a surprising amount of stretch. A quick ride outside in showery conditions showed that the waterproofing is no joke, with rain beading effortlessly off the sleeves and leaving the inside snug and dry.

The front features a storm flap that covers the YKK zipper and which can be kept in place with Velcro to protect against wind chill, as well as a fabric backing behind the zip to keep the cold metal away from the skin. Panels on the interior feature a thin layer of brushed fabric on the back and arms to help prevent body heat from escaping.


However, just because it’ll keep you warm doesn’t mean that you need to finish every ride feeling like a bag of freshly steamed veggies. There are breathable sections under the armpits and on sections of the back (under a layer of TriLite fabric) that allow heat to escape and permit a little airflow to keep things fresh.

The Triguard proved to be a great companion on a gloomy winter ride, providing sufficient warmth to noodle along without getting cold, but also allowing for sweat and heat to escape once the pace increased. All in all, the Triguard jacket is a quality option for those seeking a foul-weather option for winter riding, and at an RRP of $159.99 represents brilliant value too.


BBB’s Triguard Winter Jacket is available in a men’s cut in Black, Neon Yellow and Red and a women’s cut in Black, with an RRP of $159.99. You can purchase one from your local BBB dealer here: