5 Top Cycling Socks

December 21, 2018
5 Top Cycling Socks

Top 5 Cycling Socks

The festive season is rolling around again, and for many of us that means that we’re about to receive some fresh socks, whether we want them or not. No need to fear unwrapping a 5-pack of generic socks from the supermarket – here are some fun cycling alternatives!

Santini Soffio - $34.99 RRP


The Santini Soffio is a taller sock made of a featherweight blend of nylon and cotton – perfect for tackling the worst the Australian summer has to offer. The airy fabric feels silky smooth and is great at wicking away sweat when your riding buddies decide to drop the hammer.

We love the patterned exterior of the sock in particular, reminiscent of the mazes you used to get on the back of cereal boxes. It’s available in white, blue, army green and bordeaux, and (importantly) fashion conscious riders can get jerseys, caps and gloves in matching colours and patterns.

BBB MerinoFeet - $19.99 RRP


Perhaps our personal favourite of all of these socks is the BBB MerinoFeet. It’s not exactly what you’d call a trend setter (you can have it in any colour you like, as long as that colour is black), nor is it available in multiple heights or brimming with the latest and greatest in sock technology.

It’s just a straighforward short merino sock that rises a couple of inches above the ankle that does everything you need it to – it isn’t too bulky, is suitable for all but the very hottest of conditions, and will work seamlessly with just about any kit choice. A simple idea, well executed – like the ballpoint pen, or the perfect toasted sandwich. We’re big fans.

Northwave Extreme Tech - $27.95 RRP


The Northwave Extreme Tech is the tallest and probably the loudest of the socks assembled here (especially in fluoro yellow, though the black and white isn’t subtle either), rising a good 5 inches above the ankle, with a large Northwave logo prominent on the calf.

If you like technical wizardry in your socks, look no further. The Extreme Tech socks boast X-Static threads made of silver to help ward off bacteria and electrostatic shocks, CoolMax technology to help reflect heat and wick away sweat, and Meryl Skinlife microfiber threads for elasticity and breathability.

The Extreme Tech is a good intermediate weight sock for a range of riding conditions, and are a good option if you like your socks to make a statement.

Santini Classe -$29.95 RRP for the Mid, $35 RRP for the High


The Classe socks are a more understated option from Santini than the Soffio, with the polyamide/nylon blend providing a texture that will be familiar to most cyclists. The styling is fairly muted too, with a simple stripe and Santini logo down the back of the calf.

That’s not to say there’s nothing to be impressed by. The Classe socks boast good arch support (something not often seen in cycling socks), UV protection and a material to help wick away sweat.

There are a range of colour options available as well. The 5 inch Mid version is available in Red, Aqua, Fluoro Orange and Black, while the 7 inch High model is available in Army Green, Grey, Navy and White/Black.

BBB Ergofeet - $19.99 RRP


Although the BBB Ergofeet socks are among the most affordable here, they still have plenty to bring to the table. Like the Northwave Extremes the Ergofeets are primarily designed for summer riding, and also use Coolmax fibres to help manage moisture and regulate temperature.

They’re fairly straightforward style wise, with most of the sock being taken up with a simple block colour. You can order them in Blue, Red, Fluoro Orange or Black.