Shamal Carbon DB - Made for Endurance

15th July 2020


The first Campagnolo wheel dedicated to endurance that breaks the mould and looks to the future, carrying with it the strength of the name it has inherited: Shamal.

It will be a fiery summer for the more demanding cyclists seeking to challenge the roads with these new Campagnolo wheels, as hot as the wind that gives them their name. Shamal represents innovation and advanced research since 1992 when with this wheel the company introduced the high-profile rim concept to the world of bicycle racing. This further restyling features an identical approach aimed at improving the cyclist’s performance during the long hours spent in the saddle and at providing comfort and manageability in any conditions. This is the first wheel Campagnolo has dedicated to endurance, with a wider internal rim capable of accommodating bigger tires to make sure that the cyclist enjoys maximum comfort when racing and on longer rides.

The rim’s profile, with a 21 mm internal rim width, perfectly couples with 25, 28 and 30 mm tires and makes this wheel the perfect allrounder, even suited for a greater choice of tires that are ideal for varied gravel terrain. Thanks to the 2-Way Fit technology, Campagnolo guarantees total compatibility with either clincher or tubeless tires. The use of Campagnolo’s patented MoMag technology ensures there are no holes in the bridge connector which translates into lighter weight, an increase in rigidity and today also easier use of tubeless tires because no rim tape is needed. Tire maintenance and cleaning when changing them has never been simpler. Another new feature is the rim’s profile made of unidirectional High Modulus carbon and the differentiated front/rear rim profile height: 40mm at the rear to ensure maximum reactivity and total power transfer, 35mm at the front to ensure the most confident control possible. The rim is unpainted, a fact that highlights the top quality of the craftsmanship and of the materials employed. The wheel is completed by the new aluminium hubs with a cup-and-cone bearing system that is very light and high performing. This choice offers greater smoothness and allows easy adjustability of the bearings, thereby reducing any play between ball bearings and cones and therefore ensuring extreme functional precision and long-lasting performance. It is also possible to purchase a kit for replacing the bearings by choosing the top-end USB and CULT ranges. Reliability – a key element in worry-free cycling – is guaranteed by the wheel’s engineering and the G3 spoke lacing pattern, a Campagnolo patented feature that provides well-balanced and safe breaking in any terrain condition.

The Shamal Carbon Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialist Campagnolo technician and is checked 100% with electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures maximum performance and reliability.

Shamal Carbon Disc Brake: an iconic wheel that has been upgraded without altering its hot and unremitting spirit, like that of the wind it is named after.

Available versions:

Dark label, Campagnolo N3W™ freewheel body, Shimano HG™, Sram XDR™


Immediate – some limitations in some countries due to COVID-19 emergency conditions


1,585 g