BikeSportz Imports Announces Partnership with B&W High End Bike Case Manufacturer

BikeSportz Imports Announces Partnership with B&W High End Bike Case Manufacturer

BikeSportz Imports is delighted to announce its partnership as sole Australian distributer of B&W specialist bike case manufacturers.

New to the Australian market, B&W was established in 1998 offering sophisticated suitcase and bag solutions of the highest quality, functionality and aesthetics. Riders can rely on this brand thanks to German engineering and clever innovations, which guarantees bikes will remain safe and secure during transport. B&W cases and bags are not just transport solutions, they are designed to inspire and activate you.

Our Distribution Partnership with B&W

“BikeSportz has a history of selling premium cycling transport solutions and in 2019 we began actively searching for another brand to complement our offering. It was important for us to find a partner who managed and controlled the production process. The brand would also need to continually push the envelope and develop the category. It was truly exciting when we found B&W, the first product we laid our eyes on was the Bike Bag 2. We instantly noticed the clever zip placement and quality construction. Later we learnt about their various commercial contracts in the case business with armed and emergency processes. B&W are specialist case manufacturers who have brought their engineering to the bicycle industry. We are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor and look forward to seeing the product in stores and across the country very soon.”
Kahill Teirney, B&W Brand Manager.

Key Features and Benefits of B&W Bike Cases

B&W bike cases and bags are more than just bike boxes. They are the sturdy and rugged transport solution for bikes while traveling. Whether you are a pro cyclist or an amateur, with B&W bike cases you have everything you need - their cases offer the perfect storage and protection for your bike. B&W bike cases come in various sizes and offer numerous benefits for uncomplicated bike transport. A B&W bike case can be enhanced with various accessories, such as wheel guards, protection sets, or gear bag sets. Whether a bike box or a bike case, their products are the perfect companion for uncomplicated and comfortable transport of any bike.

Some key features include:

  • Extremely strong shells made from durable materials
  • High density fabrics
  • Reinforced smooth-running wheels
  • Integrated tension belts
  • Robust padding
  • Simplified packing
  • Self-tightening buckles
  • Lockable

    See the product in action
    The following video will give you a great understanding of how the product works, you will see a bike packed, durably transported and unpacked.

    Looking to transport your bike with B&W? View the full range of B&W products on BikeSportz.

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