BBB Cycling Australia distributed by BikeSportz partner with AusCycling

BBB Cycling Australia distributed by BikeSportz partner with AusCycling

BikeSportz is pleased to announce a new long-term partnership BBB Cycling Australia and AusCycling. This is an important partnership that will further enhance our support of the Australian cycling community, particularly local bike retailers, AusCycling members and event organisers.

Combining our local retail support and contactless transactions makes this a partnership that provides budget relief for event organisers and an unrivalled level of convenience for cyclists all over Australia.


BBB Cycling Australia will offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities for cycling events across the country by contributing to prize pools in the form of digital vouchers.

AusCycling members are also set to reap the rewards of the partnership as they will have access to exclusive deals that will be offered via member newsletters.

“It’s fantastic to be able to provide more value for our local retailers and greater opportunity for event organisers across the country,” said Agostino Giramondo, EGM of Commercial, Clubs, and Community at AusCycling.

BBB Cycling is constantly innovating premium quality products, now offering a complete range of over 1,500 different parts and accessories to enhance cyclists’ experience. BikeSportz Imports, a local distributor of BBB Cycling Australia is excited to work with AusCycling to further grow cycling in Australia.


Redeem the rewards from our partnership and join the AusCycling membership program today! Please visit AusCycling to access.

Inquiries for BBB Cycling Australia event sponsorship opportunities can be directed to: EGM of Commercial, Clubs, and Community.