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Descending a twisting mountain road on a sunny summer afternoon.

Layering up for an early morning winter ride.

Even giving our bikes some much needed TLC when it’s all over.

BikeSportz prides itself with having one of the leading "families" of brands in the Australian bike industry. All of them are "A" brands or indeed market leaders. The quality, image and commitment for excellence is reflected in the brands that we at BikeSportz represent.

We also believe that passion and love for cycling isn’t restricted to the professionals. That’s why we want regular riders to experience our range of premium cycling brands as a Bikesportz ambassador. As a Bikesportz ambassador, you’ll have access to a range of products from our prestigious line of cycling brands, including Santini, Campagnolo, Northwave, Science in Sport, Reynolds, TIME, BBB Cycling, Hope, and more.

Meet our Ambassadors

Fed up with life behind a computer screen and the monotony of a 9 to 5 grind, In late 2015, I decided to pursue my passion for ultra-distance cycling and adventuring around the globe on two wheels. Based in Perth, Western Australia, I undertake extreme adventures, in remote destinations Worldwide. Read More

Former pro cyclist. Sports Director of NRS team @GPMStulz. On weekdays works for bikesportz imports. Co-founder of @grupettotours. Self-confessed Dream Liver. Read More

An Australian cycling legend, Patrick Jonker, has been around for decades and knows a thing, or two, about what makes a cyclist a legend. He describes cycling as a challenge. There is no glory in it, like you have in tennis or golf. You can also describe it as pain. Maybe pain is a better word. For me, it was pain more than a challenge. Pain is probably more fitting. Read More

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Riders who are passionate about cycling and who want to share that passion with others whether that’s road riding, mountain biking, cyclocross or any other discipline out there. We’re looking to find riders who are on a journey they want others to be a part of, whether that’s a path to better fitness, travelling the world, or even becoming a better version of yourself.

Someone with the ability to create unique and engaging social media content. Can you take a photo that’ll make all of Australia gasp, or weave the written word in a way that means your audience will read all the way to the end?
we want to hear about it!

People who engage with Bikesportz as a company, as well of our range of products. After all, we’re not just looking to make sales we want to help bring the joy and beauty of cycling to more people around the world.

Riders who are excellent communicators, and who are detial-oriented.
Did you catch that typo on the word ‘detail’?
Good! That’s what we’re after.

Fill out the form below to submit your Brand Ambassador application and Join the BikeSportz Community.

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